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December 25, 2012
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Nomura Kiteshi - Drawing Prof by reverseZenku Nomura Kiteshi - Drawing Prof by reverseZenku
First Name: Kiteshi
Middle Name(optional): N/A
Last Name: Nomura
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hed rather not diverge that info but hes part Japanese
Age: 23
Birthday: July 17
Eye Color: Dark Deep Blue
Hair Colour: Its dyed a bluish black
Height: 54
Weight: 125
Personality: Hes a quiet man, but this does not mean hes reserved. He enjoys people talking to him and does enjoy helping others out. . . ahem.
Likes: Doing tattoos, drawing, listening to music, the occasional cigarette, rough love. . .
Dislikes: Being bullied, rape, fake people and awkward moments
Special Talents/Attributes: Ability to see ghosts Obviously drawing skills xD Rather flexible. Patience
Dreams: To own a tattoo parlor. . .to one day find love
Phobias: Aquaphobia. . .
Favorite Flower: He doesnt like flowers because they dont last.
Subject Teaching/job: Drawing Professor
Short Biography: Kiteshi had a tough time growing up with his ability to see the dead. He would find it difficult to differentiate the living from the dead so he often found himself talking to people his parents could not see. Not much to say about his parents considering he never knew his biological father and he did not get along with his zealous step-father who thought that Kiteshi was out for attention so naturally these two did not get along. Needless to say kiteshi was sent to a place hed rather forget and it didnt help his sanity. So now he seeks to start anew and truly enjoy himself

So he's definitely bottom and he enjoys it..:iconhurrhurrplz:
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A pleasure to meet him! Wonderful design; I love him already.
Augustus sends his 'hello's.
QwQ he very much appreciates this sorry about not rping very much my laptop is dying out so I'm making money to replace it and not opening skype is prolonging the little amount of life he has left :c we cans till rp on DA
Oh, sure! Want me to resend you the note I sent?
Xakk: *doing his usual rounds around the school, spotting a few new students* must be a new school year again *he sighs watching for someone who might actually see him as he is without putting himself out, comming across a few of the older classrooms looking inside to find any new teachers he can*
Kiteshi: *he feels a change in the pressure of the air and his finger tips tingle as he closes his sketchbook, he grumbles under his breath before he looks out his room, glad to see someone there* sir, are you lost?
Xakk: *he smiles genuinely happy to have someone talk in his direction before he realizes there may be someone behind him, curiously he looks sighing when he realizes he's alone* mm maybe *he chuckles stepping in the room closing the short distance between himself and you admiring your look wondering if this classroom is still the drawing classroom* is this still the drawing room?
Kiteshi: *he sees that smile of yours already admiring the looks of it before he cocks his head to the side* Ah yes, this is still the drawing room..were you a teacher here before? *he blinks a few times before he slips off the desk a little bit to offer his hand to shake wondering if thats how he should greet you* Nomura Kiteshi, and you are?
Xakk: i see *he smiles a small half smile, glad to hear that, loving the sound of your voice thinking it suits you looking at your hand making his own solid, sporting a little wider of a smirk as he takes your hand* Xavier, Xavier andresevan kevel King.
Kiteshi: *he watches your face loving that half smile thinking it quiet suits you as he hopes to himself that you are a professor like himself so that they can get to know each other more*Xavier?-Ah~ *he takes a very sharp breath of air in once he feels your icy cold finger touch his, as he lets out an almost breathless whisper* Ah-Ahem *he clears his throat as an attempt to cover up that sound he made* Well That's an interesting name where are you from? *he sits back on the edge of his desk wondering why the hell you are so cold as he crosses his legs and watches you closely*
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